Department of English was established in the year 2014 with the profound motive of bringing in radical transformation in the premises of St Anne's college. The English Literary Association Literary Legends' conducts various competitions to bring out the latent talents and innate skills of the students. It also conducts seminars and encourages the students to present papers on various genres of literature. It is also equipped with a Language Laboratory to develop the communication skills of the students.


Smt. B. Vasumathy, M.A., B.Ed.,  M.Phil., SET., NET

Assistant Professor

Smt. G. Elamathi, M.A., SET
Smt. R. Gurunagalakshmi, M.A., B.Ed, M.Phil., NET
Smt. E. Jijitha Mary, M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil
Smt. G. Pushpalatha, M.A.,B.Ed., M.Phil., D.H.R.M., CLP.
Smt. K. Kalpana, M.A., M.Phil., MDIT
Smt. S. Narmatha Mohan, M.A., B.Ed.,M.Phil
Ms. M.V.P. Roshinijayantika, M.A., M.Phil., NET
Smt. N. Nandhini, M.A., M.Phil
Ms. A. Maghadevi, M.A., M.Phil., NET
Ms. M. Sneha, M.A., M.Phil., NET
Smt. F. Jerselin Rosette, B.Sc., B.Ed., M.A





Smt. B.Vasumathy

MA., B.Ed., M.Phil., NET., SET.

Myth and Literature

Literary Theory and Literary criticism


Elements of Fact and Fiction in Amitav Ghosh' Calcutta Chromosome, Hindu College of Arts and Science.

Treatment of Alienation in Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake ,

GVN Arts and Science  College

Smt. G. Elamathi


Post-Modern Literature


Classics in Translation

Presented a paper on "English Language, Literature and Linguistics held at The American College, Madurai.

Bildungsroman parodied in Aravind Adiga's, The white Tiger' in the  International Journal Of Research In Humanities

Published Articles in the daily newspaper The Hindu'

Celebrating Lord Ganesh

Jungle bells Jingle bells Jingle all the way

Celebrating the Festival of Lights

Welcoming the New Year

The Power of Communication (Supplementary Career Path)

Prospects for Literature Lovers

Dussehra : Its significance


Smt. R.Gurunagalakshmi

 MA., B.Ed., M.Phil., NET

Post-colonial Literature

British Literature

Smt. E.Jijitha Mary

MA., B.Ed., M.Phil.

Women's Writing

American Literature

Smt. G.Pushpalatha

MA., B.Ed., M.Phil., D.H.R.M., CLP

Indian Writing in English

British Literature

Presented a paper on Conflicts between Traditional and Modernity in the works on R.K. Narayan  held at Hindu College of Arts and Science

Smt. K.Kalpana

MA., M.Phil., MDIT

Indian Writing in English and Translation


Translation Studies

Fictional and Non- Fictional elements in Amitav Ghosh The Hungry Tide

Smt. Narmatha Mohan

MA., B.Ed., M.Phil


Literary Criticism

Techno criminal Subculture : William Gibson's Neuro mancer

A study of Cosmopolitan experience: Jeet Thayil's poems

The Darker side of modern living: Jeet Thayil's poems

Feminist retelling of Indian Mythology- Meena kandasamy's poems

Popular culture and Bob Dylan

Influence of Literary awards in Literature and Publishing Industry.

Ms. M.V.P. Roshini Jayanthika

MA., M.Phil., NET

Literary Criticism

Post-colonial literature

Presented Paper titled Retelling Indian Myths: In Girish Karnad's Yayati in Students Conference at Chevalier T. Thomas Elizabeth College for Women.

Presented Paper titled Fiction and Non Fiction: Blurring Identities in Students' Conference on Nonfiction/Fiction: Changing Paradigms and Blurring Boundaries.

Paper titled Text to Screen: Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now has been published in UGC approved journal with serial number 49014 International Journal of English: Literature, Language & Skills (IJELLS) Volume 6 Issue 2          

Paper titled Fiction and Nonfiction: Blurring Identities has been published as a book Blurring Boundaries containing collection of Essays on the Changing Paradigms in Fiction and Nonfiction

Smt. N.Nandhini

MA., M.Phil

Canadian Literature

Film Studies

Ms. A.Maghadevi

MA., M.Phil., NET


English Language Teaching

Published a paper entitled Developing learner autonomy using the mobile app Edmodo- an evaluative study in language in India

A study of Received Pronunciation usage in North-Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

Presented Paper titled Learner Autonomy

Ms. Sneha. R

MA., M.Phil., NET

American Literature

Post - colonial Literature


Presented Paper titled Multiple identities in Multicultural Diaspora

Presented Paper titled Retelling myths in Contemporary India

Presented Paper titled Burring boundaries

Published Paper on the title Straddling Worlds: Strategies of positioning in Manu Joseph's Serious Men